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Radio SHASHA is one of the top most radio stations in Bihar and is gaining listeners at a steady pace within the radius of 60 kilometers of radio frequency.  The station leads among its competitors in terms of listeners and retail advertisements. It provides unmatched coverage in the Munger and Bhagalpur districts. Radio SHASHA is right now the most talked about names among the affluent classes, especially the ones who are hooked to the radio while driving or travelling in a car. The other listeners comprise farmers, students, youths who are always in a need to know the current updates, decision making, forecasting, traffic updates, news and so on.   Radio SHASHA has gained immense hold in the radio space within a favorably short span of time since it was launched by Vishrap Media Pvt. Ltd. The principal objective of the company happens to be setting up networks across 5-6 small cities, 50-60 towns and about 1000 villages in the state of Bihar. The station is known for its innovative offerings and is constantly evolving in course of time. The tag line of the brand is ‘Har Ghar ki Awaz’ and hence put utmost attention in creating an emotional connection with the listeners and offering programs that will satisfy the local tastes. It is also acting as a driving force for rural development and imbibes contemporariness in terms of standard choices and living skills among the listeners across the different locations that come within the boundary of the radio frequency.   Mr. Rajesh Kumar Mishra, the founder of Radio Shasha is an eminent name in the social circles in the state of Bihar and has great role in enhancing the educational and employment domain in the state. He is also the founder of the Vishrap Media Pvt. Ltd and is a member of the Board of Directors of more than 20 companies across the globe. The co founder, Satyam Jha on the other hand is another well known exponent, being an IIT Kharagpur graduate and a CDAC Pune research scholar who worked on the super computer Param Yuva II inaugurated at C-DAC HQ in Pune in February 2013. He also worked for the Mahindra & Mahindra as project manager (IT) and eventually started working for the greater cause of developing education and employment sector in Bihar along with Mr. Rajesh Kumar Mishra. The other directors include Mr. Rakesh Mishra, who handles the market analysis and formulation of business strategies in Vishrap Media Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Rajesh Jain, a chartered accountant is the sole person to handle the financial affairs. The media domain is handled by the veteran media enthusiast Mr. Prabhu Shankar.   The Radio Station is growing by leaps and bounds and a little cooperation of the respected patrons will indeed make its journey a delightful one. So, keep listening!